Stereolab | Dali

Song: 'Brakhage' - Sterolab (1997)

Art: 'The First Days of Spring' - Salvador Dali (1929)

Anthony Salvador Dali was fascinated with the subconscious, constantly trying new methods to best access and portray it. For this piece he stared at a blank canvass for hours until this scene appeared before him. On tour, we listen to certain bands during late night drives - one of these is Stereolab. I have many times drifted into half sleep, still conscious of the music. They soundtrack this bizarre subconscious dream state extraordinarily well. Andy As Anthony said, Dali went about ideating his pieces in pretty unconventional methods. To draw closer to the unconscious mind, he would sometimes fall asleep on a couch with a wooden spoon in his hand hanging over an empty kettle. As he drifted off to sleep - he would drop the spoon into the kettle: making a loud noise and awakening Dali at the exact moment when the conscious and unconscious were both apparent to him.